We limited scholarships available. If you’d like to apply, please prayerfully consider the following guidelines:

Scholarships registration is now closed.

1) Write a 100 word essay on why you’d like to attend Writers Advance Boot Camp

2) Write a brief bio and a summary of your current writing project. Scholarships are based on financial need. SCHOLARSHIPS DO NOT include travel. A scholarship will pay for room and board only. Any contest fees or critique fees will be the responsibility of the conferee.

3) Send your essay in a Word doc or docx file to:
Mark in the subject line of the email BOOTCAMP SCHOLARSHIP
Include your Name, physical address, phone number and email address inside the

The Suzie Benforado Missionary Scholarships are available to writers who have a need and also who have a love to write “outside the box” and their comfort zone – to reach those in need of Christ. We are pleased to honor the late Suzie Benforado, lifetime missionary to Romania and her love and work for Christ through these scholarships.

We welcome donations to this fund and they are fully tax deductible.

The essays will be gathered and presented to a selection committee.

Scholarship winners will be notified by December 26, 2013.

If you’re a past recipient would you consider giving back?

We don’t ask you to repay a scholarship but we ask you to prayerfully consider donating a few dollars to the next year’s fund. We know it’s not possible for everyone and as we said, it’s not a requirement. But we hope you’ll add this to your prayers and if you feel God has blessed you through the year, perhaps you would give even a small amount to help someone else.

If you’d like to give to our scholarship fund contact Cindy at

God asks us to ADVANCE not retreat. Writers ADVANCE!