Writing the Best You Can

Writing the Best You Can

Writing the Best You Can

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By Cindy Sproles

“This is what I see needs a little tweaking.” I twisted the paper around so the author could see.

“What? Tweaking?”

“Yes, did my accent throw you? I’m a Tennessee gal. Sometimes folks don’t understand my accent.” I chuckled and pointed to the first remark on the page.

“I’ve worked on this. It’s done. I didn’t pay for it to be torn apart.”

Needless to say, I was a little taken back by a conferee who would pay for a critique only say she didn’t pay to have it critiqued. (I don’t tear apart – honest. Ask anyone who’s received one of my critiques.) I took in a deep breath and smiled. “Well, what would you like to receive from this appointment? How can I help you?”

She took her paper, snorted and left me sitting with my jaw hanging.

It was obvious, this woman had an attitude. But what was more blatant was she felt her work was perfection. Truthfully, I’ve yet to write the perfect piece myself, and I doubt few others have.

I recently took up crocheting and when I ran across a lady in our church who is a pro at the craft, I asked her. “How on earth, Helen, can you do that type of work? It’s beautiful.”  Helen proceeded to tell me how many times she’d torn out a section and reworked it.

“I didn’t think I’d ever get through that one part. Had to do it over and over before I figured it out, but when the light came on, it fell into place.”

Writing is not easy. And beware of those who tell you it is. Like any gift it has to be practiced, honed, worked and reworked before the words finally fall into place. Word weaving is a gift. Some have the gift to read the words aloud and make them sing, but those who write the phrases into melodic, sweet movements understand the hours of tedious work involved.

God graces us each one with unique gifts and talents and it’s up to us to develop them into the gems that will pierce the hearts of those who experience them. Write the best you can, and when you think you have it perfected, start over. Write it again. Do your best. Give of your best. You owe it to yourself and to your reader, but more so, you owe it to the Father in heaven who gifted it to you.

Study to show yourself approved and then prove it by doing the best you can do.

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