Southern Writers Awards Boot Camp Free Subscriptions

Southern Writers Awards Boot Camp Free Subscriptions

Southern Writers Awards Boot Camp Free Subscriptions

Southern Writers Magazine is a generous hand of God. They are awarding THREE free one-year subscriptions to Boot Camp attendees EACH DAY of Boot Camp. Christian Devotions and Writers ADVANCE! Boot Camp are grateful for this generous gift. Thank you Southern Writers!

Check out their link and consider a subscription for yourself or a friend. – 



From the South emerges a new magazine, Southern Writers, serving up a unique blend of marketing advice to help authors sell more books, enlarge their network of readers and name recognition, success stories and inspiration to help writers get “good words out into the world”.
With six issues a year (both print and online), Southern Writers highlights authors and their books, offering writers a unique forum to share and learn secrets of success, all with a Southern flair.

The content of Southern Writers is for writers and creative wordsmiths of all types, from authors and poets to lyricists and screenwriters. A sampling of the articles in the inaugural issues reflects its diversity: ‘Two Hats: Using Your Head to Sell Your Writing,’ ‘Put Some Life in Your Lyrics,’ and ‘What in the World is a Blog?’ are a few examples. Each issue includes a question and answer section titled “Ask Ms. Annabelle.”
“We are about Southern hospitality, sharing information and building a sense of community among writers. We want to help authors master the art of marketing, promotion and publicity so they can increase their visibility.”

The common theme among writers, regardless of what we write, is we’re all creative people who express ourselves through the written word.
Southern Writers has taken the magazine a step further––wehave created venues for the authors to use for promoting and gaining publicity. Open Mic Nite, Take Five, Must Read TV and Suite T. We also Tweet and Facebook authors and their books who are highlighted in the magazine.

ASpecialty, Professional and Educational Magazine

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