Pray Uniquely

Pray Uniquely

Eddie and CindyBoot Camp is quickly approaching. So I’m asking everyone to go to their knees. PRAY UNIQUELY.

There is something uniquely special when we fall to our knees physically. We are, by all due rights, laying our faces on the feet of Jesus – and what a place to be!

I don’t expect you to live on your knees all the time, but I am asking for you to do that at least once. Just one time, close yourself in a dark room, kneel, and pray for Boot Camp. The rest of the time, shoot up those arrow prayers. And as you do, come here and comment. You don’t have to SAY a lot, just type in the time of day or night you prayed and we’ll all see how frequently the prayers for this event are lifted high.

You can pray for:

*Our registration and those God will send
*Good weather and safe travel
*Our faculty
*Open hearts and minds
*Your calling as a writer
*Gentle attitudes
*The will of God to work among us

I can’t wait to see your prayers or the times of your prayers. It means so much to Eddie and I for the ministry of Christ to be first in all we do. So pray, soldiers. Pray.

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