Making Time to Rest

Making Time to Rest

Making Time to Rest


By Cindy Sproles

“There’s just no time. What do I do; social media as I crawl into bed?”

That’s what a friend told me at dinner as we discussed marketing, social media and well…just getting back to being friends with our friends on Facebook. The more I thought about this the more it bothered me.  Us worker bees have put ourselves in a real pickle. We don’t know when to stop.

There’s nothing wrong with a good work ethic. My parents taught me to be 15 minutes early to work and be one of the last out the door when the whistle blew.  Of course, the work ethic of my parents (and me) doesn’t always translate to the younger generations who often stand, palms out, waiting. But for those of us who do have a strong work ethic, it can easily overtake us.

As writers, this is the primary complaint I hear as I talk with conferees across the nation. “I just can’t find the time or Is there any truth to sleep?” Despite our workload, when we’re tired our creativity suffers and writers need creativity.

Just as easy as it is to be lazy, it’s equally as easy to become a work-a-holic. In either case…no one wins. So let’s look at ways we can draw the line between work and rest.

*Set a cut-off time – If your schedule includes 40 hours outside the home, then only allow yourself two hours work at home. The mind requires rest. Without time to refuel stress sets in and with stress…health issues. Draw a line in the sand and don’t step over.

*Sleep –  Don’t cheat sleep. Believe it or not sleep does more than you think. Sleep allows your body to clean itself. Blood pressure drops and the heart can relax . Sleep renews your attitude and mood from stinky to pleasant. Don’t cheat sleep!

*Obesity – Lack of rest leads to obesity. Idle bodies get their exercise by stuffing twinkies in their mouths. When your body is tired you don’t want to exercise and exercise is vital to maintaining weight and your heart. Truth: Tired+no exercise=chunky bodies.

The truth is, we need rest and despite the schedule you maintain you’re doing yourself and your family a huge injustice by not setting time aside to relax.

Take time to rest. God noted in Genesis that on the seventh day HE RESTED. If it’s good enough for the Creator of all heaven and earth, follow His example. Make time for rest. Your production at work will increase, energy levels rise and moods improve. Win, win.

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