Countdown UPDATES


*2014 Boot Camp Roster click here  Scroll down one blank page after pdf opens to see Roster

February 14, 2014 UPDATE

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT HOUSING.  This year we have taken over one complete hotel at the Cove.  We will be staying in the Pilgram’s Inn.  THIS IS NOT THE HOTEL WE WERE IN LAST YEAR.  After you go through the guard gate and the stop sign, continue up the mountain. Pilgram’s Inn is the first left. There is a sign. WATCH FOR THE SIGN.  Turn left into Pilgram’s Inn parking.  A bus will run every 10 minutes to carry you to the Conference Center or you can walk. It’s a short walk but it is a hill.  Plan your departure times for the conference to all for the bus ride up the hill. It should only take a few minutes but Boot Camp will begin on time. Pligram’s Inn is very nice. You’ll enjoy it and we’ll have that hotel to ourselves. Pretty neat when we fill a whole hotel! 

*We will have a conference check-in just inside the lobby doors. This is where you will sign in. Get your packets and information.  YOU CANNOT CHECK INTO YOUR ROOM UNTIL AFTER 2:00 p.m.  Go to the early bird classes or enjoy walking around the conference center. But please do not ask to check in prior to 2:00.  There will be time after the early bird class and before dinner for you to check in.

*Remember we will be doing a drawing from all those who pay their $25 deposit for Boot Camp 2015.  That can be done at our sign in desk or our book table.

*Remember to purchase the mp3’s of the conference. You’ll be glad you did. $15 and they are yours forever! We’ll take your name, email and money at the sign in desk and our book table. It takes us about a month to edit and get the mp3’s ready to send out. They will be posted on a secure page on the site and you will be notified and given a password so you can download them to your computer desktop.  The MP3s will be available on the site for 3 three weeks and then they go away. So when we give you the code. Down load them.

*Remember also, we will have faculty books available for purchase. These will be in the lobby of the 3rd floor where we meet.

*Dress is comfortable.

*Volunteer needed to pick up a conferee on Friday afternoon from her hotel. Please contact Cindy at if you live in or around the Asheville area and can help with this.

*Visit our blog today and add to the prayer post.

#February 11 Assignment 7 is posting tonight at 7 p.m. Please scroll through the blog to see all the assignments. These are not intended for you to bring back to Boot Camp but are for your learning at home.


*January 21, 2014 – Assignment 3 is going up on the blog at 6:00 est.  

This is work we send to you to help you in your writing. I hope you will take advantage of the assignments and use them to your benefit.

Boot Camp 2015 DATES – Our Boot Camp dates for 2015 are February 20-22. You can pre-register by paying $25 at the Boot Camp Check-in Desk when you arrive.  We will also offer payment options throughout the year if you prefer to pay for next year in installments.

WE NEED YOUR ENDORSEMENTS - If you are a past soldier, would you consider writing an endorsement for Boot Camp? Just a few lines. We’ll use them on the site and in our emails, tweets and social media.


January 13, 2104 – Getting prepared

Be looking over the critiques page. Choose your critiquer and contact Terri. This is an investment into your writing career and you will gain such insight by a critique done by a professional.

MP3’s – We will again sell the MP3’s of the Boot Camp classes. Be sure and purchase those. They are $15 and shortly after Boot Camp we’ll post them on a special page with a code for you to download to your computer.  Don’t worry about missing a class. Get your MP3’s and you will have them all. I have cd’s and mp3’s from EVERY conference I attend and I use them over and over. This is money well spent. You can purchase those from our ladies at the Boot Camp Check in table and from our Boot Camp Book Store.

Faculty Books – We will have our Boot Camp Book Store open during the times we are in class sessions. The book store will close during meal times. We urge you to glean through the books our faculty has. Support them in their efforts. We will accept checks, cash and charge/debit cards.  (Unfortunately, we cannot sell conferee books. Please don’t ask so we don’t have to say no. If you have personal books you are welcome to carry them with you and show others, but we cannot sell them through the Boot Camp Book Store. We ask that you not solicit your books throughout The Cove. The Boot Camp Book Store is something the Cove makes an exception for us.)

ARE YOU FLYING INTO ASHEVILLE?  If you are, let me know so we can help you find transportation to the Cove. We cannot guarantee you a ride but we can certainly try to help you find something, be it a cab, a rental car or another conferee.)


January 10, 2014 – Assignment 2 – Gaining Word Count is now on the site under the blog tab. This is an assignment given to us by Steven James and it’s great. So be sure and go to the blog on and get your additional work. This is one of the things that makes Boot Camp special and different. Scroll down and you see lesson one. 


January 1, 2104 – Book contest dates extended to Jan. 15.

See the contest page for details but get those manuscripts in. Remember it’s a chance at a book contract. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Bios are due by February 3. Please get your SHORT bio and .jpg of yourself to Cindy at or  The roster is a very vital part of Boot Camp.

December 12, 2013 – Dress Code

We want you to be comfortable at the conference but keep in mind, it’s cold in the mountains. Our weather here has been mid to low 20’s. Most conferences ask for your dress to be business casual, but we want you comfortable and WARM. So your jeans are fine. Long sleeved shirts. Coat. We simply ask you bring out the old fashioned jeans…the ones WITHOUT holes. Please dress to what is pleasing to God. The Cove and Christian Devotions will appreciate it.

Arrival information:

The Cove is amazing. When you arrive you will be stopped at the guard gate. Be prepared to show identification. Sometimes they will ask for your i.d. Isn’t wonderful to feel safe?

You may arrive early at The Cove, however, you cannot check into the Shepherd’s Inn until 2:00. Feel free to walk the campus, visit the book store and even see the Chapel and downstairs in the training center. There is a wonderful display of Billy Graham’s ministry and family for you to see. Walk the beautiful trails…see all the Cove has to offer as this beautiful retreat center.

STOP AT THE BOOT CAMP TABLE WHEN YOU COME IN THE DOOR. Pick up your packet and zip over to Early Bird classes. You can check into your room after classes

Early Bird classes will begin at 2:00. We’re flexible on the time depending on head count. You are not required to attend early bird classes but hey, they are available. Take advantage. You can check into the Cove after classes.

Faculty books will be on sale in the Conference room. You will also be able to purchase the mp3 downloads for the conference classes. These are $15 to conferees and $95 for non-conferees.

Appointments and critiques are still open. We encourage you to take advantage.

YES you may bring your laptop into classes. You are NOT REQUIRED to do so. Your method of taking notes is your own but your laptops are welcome.

Bios are due

Your .jpg and bio are due January 15. Our roster is a vital part of boot camp. Please send your bio and .jpg directly to Cindy @

Please do not place your photo INSIDE a Word document. It’s very labor intensive to extract. Send your bio in a Word doc and your .jpg as an attachment.


Assignment 1 : The Perfect Bio

Your first boot camp assignment is to write your bio. This assignment is due to Cindy by January 15 for our Boot Camp Roster. PLEASE GET THIS TO ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Attach your bio in a Word doc or Word .docx file. Attach a .jpg of yourself as well. (Do not put your photo in a Word Doc)

Devotional Contest

Devotional Contest  -The devotional contest is drawing to a close. HURRY. Enter now. Winner takes home a cash prize. January 20 is the deadline for this Cash Prize Contest!


Now is the time to choose a WIP (work-in-progress) for critique. Our staff will critique your work and you will be assigned an appointment with faculty to go over your critique. Critiques are investments in your future. You learn so much from this one-on-one time with those who have already walked the path. Check out our Critique page for information. Time is slipping past.

Faculty Appointments

Part of the boot camp experience is for you to have the opportunity to meet with our faculty in short 15 minute appointments. We urge each boot camp participant to request an appointment…whether you have a work in progress or not, schedule an appointment and ask questions. Get to know the faculty. They are there to teach you what to do in a 15 minute appointment. Email Terri Kelly at the email listed and request an appointment with the Staff member of your choice. Click to request your appointment.

Faculty Books will be on Sale

Our faculty will have their books available for you to purchase in our main conference room area during group sessions. We recommend you visit and take a look. Perhaps you’ll find a book you like or would like to give away to a friend or church library. Get your book autographed by the faculty member while you’re at boot camp. (We will accept cash and checks and charge cards). 

SPECIAL NOTE – We’re sorry but we can only sell Faculty books at The Cove. We cannot sell your personal books. Save us the pain of saying no and don’t ask.