Keep Your Image Current

Keep Your Image Current

social mediaBy Eddie Jones

If you expect others to follow you, your brand, and books, keep your image current. This requires consistent care and attention. After all, your goal is to inspire others and increase the reach of your online identity.

Here are a few ways you can remain active and visible:

Be Heard. Post something every day. It can be a paragraph, photo, video… anything.

Show You Listen. Check your comments section on a daily basis, and reply.

Reach Out. Check out the blogs of the people who comment on yours, and if you find something interesting, comment back.

Engage. Ask another blogger about creating a guest post.


Be Heard. Post a status message daily.

Show You Listen. Respond promptly to any comments on your wall.

 Engage.   If you belong to groups or fan pages, leave a new comment.


Be Heard. Make it informative and engaging. Find a few items, quotes, ideas, worth retweeting every day.

Show You Listen. Reply to three or more tweets with substantive responses

Reach Out. Find 5–10 new people to follow.

Engage Identify several people you feel are worth following—it shows where you’re coming from.

linkedin-100x66Be Heard. Go to the Answers section. See if you have something to contribute to the Q&A.

Show You Listen. Accept any invitations soon after you get them.

Reach Out.  Request a recommendation… or offer to write one for someone else.

Engage.  Join a new group.

Finally, follow the 80/20 rule. Talk about other things 80% of the time, your book 20%. Tweet and comment about other authors, their books. In short, follow the Golden (80/20) Rule and watch your influence spread.

(Tips and ideas provided by ACX, the leader in Audiobook creation.)

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