Conference Details

Conference Details

Conference Information –  The Asheville Christian Writers Conference, you ask?  It’s simple. ACWC is an intense weekend of study. Beginning on Friday evening, ACWC kicks off and writers are introduced to their faculty of leaders. Writers are offered the opportunity to talk one-on-one with leaders and staff, seeing how readily available and willing to guide each one is.

Saturday is a full day and evening of back-to-back classes. The relentless work does not stop as leaders run conferees through the steps of being better writers.

Sunday is prayer and worship where writers tie their weekend of work into the call of Christ. Final classes are presented and writers are given their marching orders.

The Asheville Christian Writers Conference is the kick-off to a writer’s new year. As a weekend conference presented in early February, our goal is to inspire, motivate and train writers.

Choose your track – Writer or Seasoned

Who is the Asheville Christian Writers Conference? Great question. ACWC is for everyone who has the desire to improve. For the new or first time writer, we offer The Stepping UP Track, focused more on the basics of writing.

For the Seasoned writer –  The Stepping OUT Track, we offer more advanced classes designed to deepen their knowledge writing and guide them in a more focused path.

I’ve never been to a conference. How do I know ACWC is for me? An even better question. Without a doubt ACWC is for you. One of the goals of Christian Devotions Ministries and the Asheville Christian Writers Conference is to acclimate first time conference attendees to the ins and outs of attending a conference.  For these folks, we’re a “get your feet wet” conference.  Our hope is familiarize you with how a conference runs and what you need to look for, in hopes we’ll “grow you up” into the larger conferences FEAR FREE and armed with the necessary knowledge you need to breeze into your first big conference filled with confidence.

What about cost? Well, there’s a cost to everything but hopefully the price isn’t too high. We do not make a profit from this conference. All charges go directly to the costs of the event.  We will offer critiques and one-on-one mentoring at an additional charge, but those costs are entirely up to you should you decide to participate.

What about The Cove? The only thing we can say is…what about the experience? We promise you will leave happy. The Cove, or The Billy Graham Training Center is one of the most beautiful places you’ll be. The serene beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains offers visitors an opportunity to put the worries of the world behind them and rest in the arms of Christ. 

From the “BEST” food this side of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the wonderful tribute museum for Billy and Ruth Graham, visitors are welcomed with open and loving arms. The Cove is a retreat center for adults to come, rest, study or attend conferences so they might know Christ on a deeper level. The facilities take your conference experience to the next level.

DON’T HESITATE. Visit our ENDORSEMENT page and read for yourself what others say about ACWC. Registration is open year round but officially begins in April of the current year. ACWC makes a great Christmas gift.

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