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Carolina Christian Writers Conference

Carolina Christian Writers Conference

Carolina Christian
Writers Conference
April 19 – 20, 2013

Writers Conference Faculty

Candy Arrington
Michelle Sauter Cox
Jimmie Davis
Lynette Eason
Edna Ellison
Diana Flegal
Linda Gilden
Eddie Jones
Terri Kelly
Yvonne Lehman
Tim Lowry
Nancy Lohr
Edie Melson
Gloria Penwell
Les Stobbe
Tama Westman

Manuscript Critiques Available

Our professional faculty wants to help in every way they can. Many have offered to critique your manuscripts, helping you to learn from your own weaknesses. Notes will be made directly on your manuscript and you will receive a 15-minute appointment with the critiquer. This feedback on your work is invaluable and will help you take your writing to the next level.
Cost: $35 before the conference.
A limited number of walk-ins are available for $50.
Plan now to take advantage of this helpful time of encouragement.


The other day I had a wonderful phone visit with our keynote speaker, Jack Countryman. When I hung up the phone, I wanted to call each one of you and just say, “You don’t want to miss this!” Jack and his wife Marsha have such sweet, servant hearts and can’t

wait to encourage and help writers in our area. I hope you are planning to be one of them! You still have time to meet the early bird deadline.

Jack and Marsha Countryman are just bubbling with excitement and information. Jack is going to help you understand today’s publishing trends and opportunities and give you new direction for your writing. They will both be meeting with writers to give individual feedback. Don’t miss getting to know Jack and Marsha Countryman of Thomas Nelson Publishers.

We have so much to offer this year. I am excited about the new faces that will be joining us. Tama Westman is going to take a break from cold weather in Minnesota to lead Book Proposal Basics on Friday morning. This is an investment well worth the extra small fee. You will leave there knowing what you need to include in your book proposal and ready to pitch your idea to the editors on site. Tama will also teach a workshop called “From Memories to Memoirs.” Don’t miss it! Sharing your experiences with your family and others can change lives – yours and theirs!

Can’t wait to see you at the conference. Until then – keep writing for Him!

You can access the website at www.fbs.org/writers.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at Linda@lindagilden.com.

Linda Gilden
Director, Carolina Christian Writers Conference

Friday Night Genre Groups
Don’t miss the Friday night genre group sessions. There will be informational, brainstorming groups in many genres.
Children’s Writing
Gift Books
These high-energy, fun groups not only provide a casual setting for getting to know the editors and professionals, but also give authors an opportunity to ask questions and get feedback on their ideas. This was one of the highlights of last year’s conference. Plan now to take part in the Friday night genre groups.
Save with the Early Bird Special
Tuition $125 if paid by March 15.
$145 after March 15

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