The Conference is Over – Awe, Man!

The Conference is Over – Awe, Man!

The Conference is Over – Awe, Man!

CIndy and CindyThe boxes are packed away. All the money is balanced, bills paid, and conferees sent out with their marching orders.  Awe, man! It’s over. The conference is over.

We’ve done our best. Prayed our conferees to and from Boot Camp. But now, the real work begins. If we had bloody knees before, we’ll certainly have them raw from here forward.

Preparing for Boot Camp takes a lot of time. I’ll admit, there are moments when a rush of fear washing over me, and I wonder if it’s going to work. Will people really come? And once they do come, how will they leave? My hopes are they are encouraged, uplifted, excited, moved. Ready to knuckle down.

The truth is, I know what happens after the rush of a conference comes and goes. The excitement fades. All the work that was done, is piled in a stack waiting for the “perfect” inspiration to hit.

Conferences send us into information overload. Once we arrive home, it takes a week or two for us to process the massive amount of “stuff” we received.  So here are a few tips for the “After the Conference Wind Down” to help you move ahead.

1)   Pray every day for the willingness to write, and then do it.
2)   Allow yourself to rest.
3)   Make a list of what you learned and an agenda of things you’d like to accomplish. Start small, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.
4)   Keep in touch with those you befriended. Become accountability buddies.
5)   If you had paid critiques, let down your guard and truly look at the information you received. Constructive criticism is not a personal attack. Think over the things that may have made you uncomfortable, or ached when addressed. That usually means, even you realize something needs to be changed. None of us are perfect. There is always room for improvement.
6)   Pull out those contacts. Touch base. Talk. These are your peers and your support when you feel lost or need help.
7)   Don’t let life get in the way. Make time to write. This is what you are called to do.
8)   Practice. Practice. Practice.
9)   Submit work.
10) Prepare for the next level. Attend another conference. Challenge yourself.

This work, putting a conference together, was done for you. You accepted the challenge to attend. You came. You learned. Now, write.

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