After the Conference…then what?

After the Conference…then what?

There it is. The alarm. You climb out of bed, throw on your clothes and grab your Writers ADVANCE! Boot Camp Manual, only to learn…rats. It’s Monday. Work. The real world.

The smile turns to a droop and reality sets in. The conference is over. Now what?

Let’s recap our weekend. There were tons of classes, appointments and critiques. Keynotes were better than amazing and the marching orders were given out. Not only that but you were charged…charged to uphold God’s TRUTH in a dying world. Do not let the world dictate your writing. Stand firm in the word and be the Lamp that brightens the path. Lift your writing up, do not shove it down. ADVANCE.

Now that you are home it will be easy to be tempted to put away the pen. Life will attack. Excuses will rise up. But don’t bend. Don’t retreat. Remember it’s during those times you will write your best. Make the time.

Remember Johnny Appleseed. He stepped out in faith with nothing more than a pot for a hat, a bag of seed and his Bible. Johnny walked through all types of weather, all sorts of countryside. And everywhere he walked he flung his apple seed. He didn’t wait to see it sprout or to see how much fruit came out of the seed. He simply planted. Don’t wait around for the rewards. You may never see the fruit. It may be you’ll not see that fruit until heaven. But write. Write. Write. God will bless your efforts in His time.

Below is a video link by Greater Vision. This video is a song about seeing “the fruit.” Listen to it. Pay close attention. Then go to work spreading seeds of words.

FACES by Greater Vision

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